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Snap-on Incorporated is an American designer, manufacturer and marketer of high-end tools and equipment for professional use in the transportation industry including the automotive, heavy duty, equipment, marine, aviation, and railroad industries. Snap-on also distributes lower-end tools under the brand name Blue-Point. Their primary competitors include Matco, Mac Tools, Harbor freight toolsand Co


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Former Employee - Machine Operator says

"...where do i begin. for starters.... typical hiring process is through a temp agency. one would be considered VERY lucky to get hired by the plant itself within a couple of years. even if you work hard, are flexible, show up EVERY day, play the politics AND tolerate the constant harassment/discrimination and pettiness from hired-on employees and some managers, you would be lucky to get ANY respect and/or keep your sanity. Employees and managers ALIKE undermine each other constantly over fear of job competition--NO TEAM WORK!!"

Former Employee - Warehouse Associate says

"Low pay Crazy hours Dirty facility Over worked Treated poorly"

Former Employee - Distribution Associate says

"Management is horrible and treat you horribly always"


"Management treats employees like they are worthless"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Always mandatory overtime with very little notice or no notice at all. They act like they are all about community and family but could care less about thier own employees families and needs. They made the exit for employees very dangerous coming out onto Rt 176. They never care about safety until someone actually does get hurt, then they will threaten your job and give you points even if it was thier fault with the occurance. They use people for positions such as lead positions and office positions. They ask you to be back up for these positions and never advance the employee or give the title. They want employees to have more responsibilities but no title or pay for that position. They totally look down to distribution associates-Order Processing- recieving- Set Assembly and even some office workers in the warehouse. They will listen to your concerns and do nothing about them and ignore you afterwards for along time. Place is fine, it is managment that has to be changed. Does not matter how big the building is going to be! Alot of favortism in advancing!"

Current Employee - Equipment Sales Specialist says

"You will lose money out of pocket on any Equipment Sales position. Be careful on Glass Door that you seek out the exact job description. ESS ratings are all one or two star reviews on here. No one actually makes money. The pay plan changes every year. % goes down every year. Ask them to show you previous pay plans. There is no base pay. The non accountable expense plan will have the IRS all over you. The company is run by old school, tech-phobic dinosaurs who are blatantly racist, homophobic, and sexist. The product has gotten worse and worse the last few years. There is no marketing. You will compete with chain stores selling the same equipment branded as Hoffman for less money. Tool dealers will not help you because they are paid by Hunter. No one lasts at this job. The turn over is more than half every year. It is a scam. Run away. Your expenses and the level of micromanaging will give you heart trouble."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"There is racism in this company. They don’t care about employees"

Former Employee - Customer Service Representative says

"Pay too small for immense work load; High stress with little payoff; Often unpleasant work environment; Management is clueless"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Too much overtime hmmm"

Former Employee - Equipment Sales Specialist says

"Very poor pay and commission, average 2-4% commission.Long hours, 50-60 per week, plus even getting calls on weekends. Management also expects you to carry phone and computer on vacations. It's 24/7 job."

Owner Operator (Former Employee) says

"Just google “snap on franchise fraud” and you will find out the truth about Snap On. If there is an open route you can bet it’s a worthless route. Do your research None.Every aspect of the company sucks v"

Snack Bar Assistant (Former Employee) says

"So many snakes Management snakes HR Snakes Managements management snakes Warehouse staff snakes The tools are probably snakes as well. Stay clear of the snake pitAbsolute NoneSnakes"

Assembler (Current Employee) says

"It’s a who you know situation. It’s like working in a sauna. The pay is lousy. You don’t get but a 15 minuets lunch break, but it’s who you know you can sit around all day and do nothing"

Picker/Packer (Current Employee) says

"Management could not care less about the well being of their workers...Its all about profit.We are currently being forced to work throughout the coronavirus pandemic or risk being made redundant."

Quality Auditor (Former Employee) says

"Long hours with no recognition , felt unappreciated for the amount of work I performed , management did not care about their employees, shifted you around frequently"

Assembly temp (Former Employee) says

"Long hours in horrible tyrannical environment. The worst. Go there if you have no other skills, They will leave you as a temp then fire you or "not hire" you, even if you have gained skills. They want robots not leaders. Overpriced items from Taiwan that they assemble in the US."

Equipment sales specialist (Former Employee) says

"Would not recommend working for company unless you are a truck salesman. Multiple bosses in the two years I worked there and constant different instructions. Territory changes without questioning or telling employees they just shut you out of your territory in the computer.noneHR does not follow confidentiality rules and also will not return calls always making excuses."

Equipment Specialist (Current Employee) says

"I don't recommend this job to my enemies, it's that bad. I work in the SE, and I believe it's all related to your manager. In the SE, the equipment sales/service manager is less than professional. They require you to be dishonest with your customers/prospects. Do you want to use techniques like "That price is good today only", "That customer loyalty discount expires tomorrow", "This fake trade in price is only good today" ? If you don't mind being forced to use dishonest BS, proven to not work sales techniques, you might like this job. But I doubt it. Also Snap-on gets killed in alignment business, I mean killed. They sell their equipment thru parts stores under a different name and color, but identical, and most of the time much cheaper price and cheaper finance. Also do you like ADD-ON interest on a lease? Most customers are wise to this, management lies about this on a regular basis, they use rules of 78, search it, it's virtually add on, not exactly, but almost. Pay no expenses at all, very small base that covers gasoline and car expenses, so it's basically 100% commission. The equipment sales group is different than tool group, and different than industrial sales. You'll be sorry!! My advice , keep away from Equipment Sales... rest of the company might be great, I don't know. They do offer good, but expensive health insurance;)"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"I was hired on to be a member of the phones team, but at the end of my training (for that team), I was told I was going to be doing something completely different. I had 2 days of training for my new position and thus had not the slightest clue of what to do at my job. They terminated my temporary employment with no reason why after only a couple of months there. Truly a scummy place to work."

Nrc tech (Current Employee) says

"Worked there for 7 yrs, very stressful and unorganized, all parts are from China, Taiwan, not an American company at all, hours are long n relentless, no cares about you or ur family, they think ice cream once a year will suffice for giving ur life to them..stay away unless u want to rot in this place"

unitly worker (Former Employee) says

"bad management snap on tools must come first before your family and the other duties that your children's and thing you have do on daily basic not good place to work"

DC Associate (Temp through VOLT) says

"The drama of high school, with low pay and constant overtime! Constantly forced to other departments with their work, got behind on our own work, and forced to work overtime to play catch up, yet other departments didn't have to help back. Don't remember the last time there was an 8 hour day (SOMETIMES if they are forcing you to come in on Saturday, they MIGHT give a 8 or 9 hour day on friday). Management thinks they're doing you a favor for taking all your precious time by giving you a free candy bar or a donut once in a while. Treated like absolute children. No chance to get hired on, because when a position opens, they give the opportunity to the already hired on employees to switch departments if they choose. Temp contract with Volt is only 2 years, because of this they have lost so many good workers, turn over is also very high for temps and even their own employee.NoneEverything"

Production Worker (Former Employee) says

"Toxic place to work. Most supervisors are terrible. Wages aren't that great despite what others say. Place has really gone downhill in last 5 to 10 years. Makes you wonder how sustainable the company is with the amount of dysfunction that occurs on a daily basis. Workers opinions aren't valued. Vacation is severely lacking. Need I say more?NadaEverything mentioned above"

Rock and Roll Platform Store Manager (Current Employee) says

"the days usually start at 5 am and go till 10 at night and management doesn't do much to help with the job. in our sales they had 7 different ways to buy tools and all had different prices so no way to have a steady line of sales established. The culture is cut throat and most in charge have no clue to their jobs or yourstoolseverything about them"

Repair Technician (Former Employee) says

"Was a job that curated stress. Job that took advantage of the speed and quilty of a hard worker. 7-330 mon too fri. With opportunity that work on Saturdays for 6 hoursNice hrsWage was low"

Associate IT Technician (Former Employee) says

"Worst management horrible company i was screamed at and belittled the entire time. Racism is an issue in the office as well as sexism from the female management which only seems to reward female staff that do not do the same quality workNoneAll"

Assembler (Former Employee) says

"Wouldn't let my dog work there. They will ruin good workers. management and HR sucks. alot of prejudice good old boy routine. I can tell alot more but i dont have timenoneold management, treat employees like kids, good old boy system"

Assembly (Former Employee) says

"I worked there until my temp position was over and never got hired on. I was an amazing worker and they paid very poorly. I liked my coworkers though."

Sales & Training Specialist (Former Employee) says

"The tools are the best, hands down, but other areas of the company leave much to be desired. Snap On is life, there is no balance, and not in a good way."

Equipment Sales Specialist (Current Employee) says

"feel like blacksheep!! poor management no support no marketing poor commissions could be 90 days to get paid manager only cares about getting order no support after thatschedule your own time, freedomeverything else"

Janie Rice says

"I worked there 15 years six and seven days a week called me up front said I was gay and fired me . Everyone knew it was a lie and I am not gay !! But what goes around comes around isn't that right Jon ? Congratulations on your grandbaby !! HAHAHA"

Ryan Wade says

"I have been buying snap on tools for over 20 years. Purchased a tool box over two years ago, the day after I purchased I noticed a drawer damaged. Dealer, area manager and customer services will do nothing to help and issue is still ongoing. I am moving to mac tools and will never buy from snap on again due to poor customer service. Very unsatisfactory and disappointing."

Kerry Miller says

"Customer services useless."

Ryan Edgecumbe says

"Make sure you read the small print on warranties! Not everything is life time as I was lead to believe, I was only informed about this when I had a faulty product and had to spend more on getting repaired. As I’m only an apprentice I feel they used my lack of knowledge against me, don’t want other people to fall into the same trap. WILL NOT BE USING THEM AGAIN!"

Consumer says

"Been buying snap on gear for over 20yrs, prices just keep going up to the point where they're just ridiculous now, cracked a 15mm deep socket back in March this year, only just received a replacement today 19/10/20. Already been out and bought a replacement from halfords as I needed it snap on Didnt even put a complimentary hat or anything in with it as a gesture of goodwill, last of my money they'll be getting!!"

Consumer says

"I have been buying snap on tools for over 30 years !! as far as sockets , spanners etc go they are over priced but if they break ( which they will ) they will replace for free !!!.
Unfortunatly my dealer talked me into the cordless range of tools . I bought the entire 14.4v range & most of the 18v range . After a year every single item had packed up & no snap on dealer to be seen .
After many calls to snap on & many promises & that a new dealer be around soon , finally a new dealer arrived & i sent every tool away for repair ( at my expence ( because now out of warrenty ))
it took 2 months before my tools started to arrive back
Here i am 6 months later & one by one they are all failing again
Aparrently snap on repairs are only warrented for 3 months so i have to pay again (£80 -£160 per item) to be repaired !!!!
I have always a been snap on fan but after paying them £100 a week 30 years i feel let down & think time for a change"

Mary Westmoreland says

"Bought a screwdriver which cost me over £84. It arrived after almost 4 weeks... faulty! They refused to exchange it and instead collected the time, almost 3 weeks later no communication and they have received it and still haven’t processed the refund, they claim they are under staffed! Very poor customer service, never reply to emails and on hold for hours on the phone! Would never purchase from them again!"

chris hatcher says

"Way over priced and over hipped. Started out over 18 years ago and yes I thought Snap ON was it, but over the years, found that the Tools became made at a lesser Quality and went up in price. The exact same tool you can buy anywhere else, Snap On will sell for three to four hundred dollars more. Their Representatives have also fallen by the way side when it comes to Service and dependability. Their own slogan of American made and Ingenuity in this persons opinion mean nothing like it did many years ago."

Noel Morris says

"The worst ever service bought a 12insh impact gun after 3 years thought I’d buy a battery don’t sell them any more and wouldn’t even service the gun so what a waist of time millwalkie here I come and more realisability affordable to
And the Snapon dealer here is waist of time never again"

Kubla Khan says

"Really rubbish service. It is dependant on the franchise owner if he will warrant your faulty items. Not being in the trade anymore its a take to the hand attitud. Same when Kirk Blackburn was here lucky they got rid of this unhelpful individual"

James Bond says

"Dealer in Pompano Beach Florida says he won't deal with broken tools, only with people that want to buy tools. Threw us off his truck today. Worst Snap-on dealer ever dealt with. Never comes by, and has worst attitude. Why spend the high price for their tools if only to be shut-out when you need service....."

Fabio says

"Worst experience of my life....20k+ spent with them and now I have lot of tools broken....called them and get the excuse there is no franchise in my area....EAST LONDON, NOT COUNTRYSIDE!!! now I ask them to come and collect the cash I own them (1500) but they refuse telling me I have to pay by bank transfer otherwise they gonna do a repossession....BIG MIDDLE FINGER FOR THEM....I may gonna pay only for dont put my credit score down but I definely sue them because they do not respect there contract....what's the point to pay to money for their "service"?"

Peter Kral says

"I bought a 3/8 and 1/2 inch drive cordless impacts several years ago. They worked fine for a while. know they need to be rebuilt, and the batteries need to be replaced. yesterday I talked to my dealer, and he told me that the impacts can be rebuilt. But he cant help me with the batteries. Snap on does not carry (sell) them, and they don't even service them. We as mechanics spend millions of dollars every year, and then they tell us we wont help you. You have tools that are trash. I think we should boycott Snap on Tools.Their customer service is horrible. Boycott Snap on"

Dan Garnham says

"Mark Stevens from halstead snap on is a fraud , total rip of merchant , lies all the time and try’s to add items to your account ... should not be trading . Illegal fraud . Stay well away from this fool and compulsive liar ."

Chris says

"I recently went to MMI to complete marine technician training snap on offered a free starter kit of tools and asked for my email after giving snap on my email I got so much spam from Other companies trying to sell me things I will never buy anything from snap on because of this"

Ash Finlayson says

"I bought a small pair of fairly expensive end-cutters from snap-on uk - £70 for the cutters + £10 for shipping, I needed high quality cutters that would last and not dull when cutting wire. When the cutters arrived, they had no edge on them, wouldn't cut anything so weren't fit for use.

I phoned snap-on back to return the blunt cutters. They emailed me a return form which I had to fill out and post the cutters back at my own cost. I heard nothing back from snap-on for several weeks, until I eventually found a partial refund in my bank account.

I queried this with customer services because faulty items should be refunded in full, including original postage and return postage according to EU law. But 2 months on, I had had no response from Snap-on. I can't recommend this company and I'll never use them again."

Christopher Scholes says

"Do not buy snap on tool's over priced and when you need anything replying under warranty it's near on impossible. And the Burnley dealer is a smug wast of time .(Ian Spencer) Best advice is go to halfords and buy halfords advanced tools they still have a life time warranty at a fraction of the price and when you need them replacing under warranty just walk in and they replace them ."

nick sewell says

"i have spent a fortune over the years with snapon but i dont spend large amounts these days and as a result the van not longer visits even when hes in the area as a result i have no service back up i am clad i did not buy any scan tools from snap on i never get got a clear price from him any way i now buy my tool need elsewhere now it a shame but there it is .great tools poor service"

best mot says

"Snap on emmition machines on mot bay are total con.
Their calibration in uk us closed on sat.
No 24 hr help line from snap on.
Machine stops working before calibration date.
I have lots of revenue by having a snap on emmition tester.
Please avoid snap on brand for mot over all.
UK customer service is too laid back.
Avoid avoid avoid.
Buy another brand you be happy.
Best mot."

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